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Food Engineer

Cat lover

About Ria Karan

I’m an evidence-based holistic nutritionist with a Master’s degree in food engineering and applied science.

As you can tell by my background, nutrition/food is my true passion! However, my interests lie far beyond nutrition. Eating well is just ONE piece of the puzzle when it comes to good health. Your health is about so much more: sleep, exercise, stress relief, relationships and your lifestyle. On my site and my Youtube channel, I share tips to live a healthy and positive life from all different aspects – not just nutrition. Join me in living the whole happy life!

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Get To Know | RIA KARAN

Favourite COLOuRS:   Blue, blue-green, anything beachy! And pink! 

Can’t Live Without:   My cats, Pryda and Caiyo (who are on the YouTube channel). And my supportive hubby (without him I wouldn’t be able to do what I do!).

signature style:   Minimalist outfits with stripes or polka dots. I also love star patterns!

Best Advice:   Do what works for you, not others.

favourite travel destination:   South of France.

Favourite cuisine:  Thai, Indian and Mexican.

where i’m from:   Canadian citizen with South Asian (Indian) ethnicity.


my education + experience

bachelor’s degree:   Chemical Engineering (Hons.) from the University of Toronto.

MASTER’S DEGREE:   Chemical Engineering with a specialization in Food Engineering from the University of Toronto.

MY THESIS TOPIC:   Double fortification of salt with encapsulated iron and iodine.

scientific publications:  2

nutrition designation:   Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.) from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

experience:   Risk consultant, business analyst, recipe developer, food blogger/photographer, magazine editor, nutritionist and YouTuber!

get to know me video

Want to get to know me a little better? Watch the video below. 

get to know the rest of the team

The Whole Happy Life team has two fantastic kitty members who provide an element of entertainment to the channel. Get to know them below!

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my kitty "assistants"

why i include my cats in my videos:  Sometimes a serious topic needs a little, helpful distraction! And of course, cuteness! Plus, my cats actually enjoy being in front of the camera (on most days).

my cats:  I have two cats – Pryda and Caiyo.

MORE ABOUT PRYDA:  He’s a red lynx point Birman who is 6 years old. He’s an old soul who loves to snuggle under the covers.

life lessons i learned from pryda:  Be more mindful and get enough rest – cat naps are key!

And always make time for some “me” time.

what it’s like to have pryda in the whole happy office:  He’s a calming presence.


my other kitty "assistant"

MORE ABOUT CAIYO:  He’s Pryda’s nephew! He is 4 years old and is the most social cat you’ll encounter! He greets every guest at the door. He also loves kids.

life lessons i learned from caiyo:  Persistence pays off. Don’t let a disease or illness (he has polyneuropathy) get in the way of enjoying your life. Stay strong and things will get better.

Caiyo’s favourite moments:  “Helping” me while I clean the house. Snuggling on my pillow. Playing with his favourite toy.

What it’s like to have caiyo in the whole happy office:  He’s there every single day, sleeping quietly on my couch. Sometimes, I think he enjoys being in the office more than I do!

He usually sleeps for most of the working day, but when he’s up, he “demands” cuddles. I have to oblige of course!

my favourite quote

Strive for progress, not perfection.

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