A 137-page structured workbook that will help you achieve your dreams and goals!

New to goal setting? No problem! The workbook has easy instructions and guides you through the process step-by-step. It also features 45+ goal ideas to get you started. Anyone (even a newbie) can use this workbook to make 2021 impactful!

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Goal setting is something that has truly transformed my life and made room for what matters most!

I started goal setting in 2015 with a friend and slowly created a process that actually worked for us. This workbook has ALL the tools that have helped me achieve goals such as gaining 300,000 subscribers on Youtube, creating healthy habits, organizing my house and more!


What do you get?
  • 137-page Life Goals Workbook
  • 27-page bonus Monthly Planner!
  • The downloadable files are PDF files that can be opened in most PDF readers (I suggest Adobe Acrobat if you have any issues).
  • Files can be printed or filled digitally (the files have fillable forms).
  • Instant download when you complete your payment on Gumroad (where I sell the workbook).


What’s inside?

The workbook is divided into five parts:

1. 2020 REVIEW + 5 YEAR REVIEW: multiple useful exercises to reflect on your growth, life lessons and accomplishments. 

2. LIFE SATISFACTION REVIEW, VISION AND CORE VALUES: get to know yourself better so you can create goals that you are truly excited about!

3. 2021 GOALS + PLANS: this segment will help you set realistic goals for 2021 using the SMART goal method and create simple action plans that actually work!

4. TOOLS FOR SUCCESS: includes practical tips on productivity, healthy habits + mindsets for success.

5. STAYING ON TRACK: this segment will help you tackle obstacles that hold you back (e.g. perfectionism, self-doubt, procrastination, stress, etc.)


Special purchase notes:
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  4. Press the DOWNLOAD button after purchase to access the two files. If you lose the files, you can access them through the link in the purchase email.


Thank you for your interest. I wish you a wonderful 2021!

You can reach me at ria@thewholehappylife.com if you need help or if you have questions!


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Additional info:
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