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The Simply Minimal Life is a beginner’s guide + workbook (120 pages) for living a happier life with PRACTICAL minimalism.
Clear the clutter and chaos, make room for what matters and live a meaningful life!

This e-book is divided into two parts:

1. Guide on practical minimalism (90 pages): this part will help you learn how to approach minimalism in a simple and effective way. Minimalism doesn’t need to be rigid and difficult and this guide helps you apply minimalism in a way that will work for you.


2. Workbook (30 pages and the most important part!): you’ll get access to 17 handy worksheets on different aspects of minimalism. Use this part to spark and ACTUALLY implement positive changes in your life and stay on track.


What are you waiting for? Embrace practical minimalism and make room for what truly matters in your life!


(Check out the description below for a full listing of chapters and worksheets).


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Completely new to minimalism? No problem! This e-book is for newbies and helps you through the process with practical tips and advice.

There are no rules or restrictions and I encourage you to personalize your journey.  Anyone can use this guide to save money, reduce stress and create a happier life with minimalism!

What you get:

  • 120-page PDF e-book with 12 chapters and 17 worksheets
  • Digital book can be opened in most PDF readers (I suggest Adobe Acrobat for best results)
  • Worksheets can be printed or filled electronically
  • Instant download when you complete your payment on Gumroad (where I sell the workbook)


Chapters included:

Chapter 1: What is minimalism?

Chapter 2: The life-changing benefits of minimalism

Chapter 3: Minimalism myths debunked

Chapter 4: Minimalism + you

Chapter 5: My 3-stage approach to practical minimalism

Chapter 6: Mindset shifts

Chapter 7: Decluttering

Chapter 8: Becoming a better consumer (includes topics such as wants vs. needs, shopping questions, environmental impact, etc.)

Chapter 9: Minimalism beyond “things” (includes topics such as social media, relationships, etc.)

Chapter 10: Minimalism roadblocks and struggles

Chapter 11: You’re a minimalist – now what?

Chapter 12: Further inspiration + reading


Worksheets included:

Worksheet 1: Minimalism + you – figuring out your personal journey

Worksheet 2: 7-day declutter challenge

Worksheet 3: 31-day declutter challenge

Worksheet 4: Full declutter checklist

Worksheet 5-11: Becoming a conscious consumer

Worksheet 12-16: Minimalism beyond things

Worksheet 17: Life after minimalism


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What readers are saying:

“This is a delightful and engaging read. My daughter and I are both moving in the minimalist direction & Ria’s guidance is useful for BOTH of us. The guide (part 1) is a quick & easy good read. Also, a good reference. Part 2 was a great conversation starter between my daughter and me. Ria, thank you, truly. ” – Julia S.

“Just bought your guide. I’m already a minimalist but I just started working for myself from and wanted to another declutter because I’m home all the time now. Your book was really helpful in getting me to look beyond just physical stuff. The images are beautiful and inspiring. The whole product is on point. ” -Meg N.

“Ria’s channel introduced me to minimalism and now this workbook has become my BFF on my minimalism journey! ” -Ankita P.


Additional info:
  1. The e-book printing dimensions are 8.5 inches by 11 inches.


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